Nautical activities and excursions in Menorca.

In Menorca Nautic we offer you the best plans for departures and boat trips with skipper on the island of Menorca. We can study a plan tailored to your needs, with catering and other additional services or offer different alternatives to enjoy trips to beaches, coves and places on the coast of Menorca very special.

We also offer the possibility of planning excursions and combined adventures, like for example:

  • Sailing in Menorca and bicycle touring
  • Sailing in Menorca and trekking
  • Sailing and excursions on horseback through Menorca
  • Sailing and yoga on the beaches of Menorca
  • Sailing and Taichi in the sunsets of Menorca
  • Sailing and camping in the coves of Menorca
  • Sailing and talayotic archeology of Menorca
  • And much more…

In Menorca Nautic we have organized all kinds of thematic outings to enjoy new unforgettable experiences in the Island of Menorca. If you have an idea that combines navigation and other experience, tell us, we can certainly make it happen.

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