Management and sale of boats

Boat handling and management in Menorca.

In Menorca Nautic we offer you our exclusive service of management and boarding of boats for individuals. Our moorings in the port of Mahón, the customer service and our boat maintenance team, will guarantee the best care for your sailboat, menorquin or motorboat, with the possibility of being rented to make your boat profitable. Consult our rates or ask for information about any management, maintenance, mooring or storage of your boat in the port of Mahón, Menorca.

Our management buying plan.

The purchase plan in Menorca Nautic management will allow you to enjoy your own boat in a much easier and cheaper way. With this plan we offer you the possibility of exploiting the full potential of Menorca Nautic team and that you can count on a partner to manage your boat in a professional, transparent, efficient and worry-free way. Menorca Nautic will be in charge of the maintenance of your sailboat, boat or menorquín, will capture the clients and will take all the commercial, administrative and logistic steps to deliver the boat in rent and to recover it after the contracted time. You will get a revenue for your boat that can assume an annual return of 7.5%. Your sailboat, boat or menorquín, will always be maintained, cared for and managed by professionals. You will always keep your property to enjoy it on those dates that you decide and you will receive detailed information about the movements and performances of your boat. We are convinced that you may be interested, let us convince you!

Sale of semi-new boats in Menorca.

In Menorca Nautic, we are continually renovating our fleet of sailboats, men and motor boats, with the aim of offering our customers a wide variety of rental boats always updated and with the latest amenities. There is nothing that we like more than having a fleet of quality, impeccable and ready. Due to this and to our careful maintenance, the useful life of these rental boats is very long and their appearance remains as new. That is why, on a recurring basis, we are obliged to renew semi-new boats and in perfect condition that can be an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in buying second-hand boats. If you are interested in knowing the semi-new boats that we have available do not hesitate to contact us.

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