Sailing safely

All our boats are equipped with life jackets for all occupants, life jackets, lifeline and harness. Always use them in case of bad weather and teach your crew what to do in case of "fall into the water"

We put at your disposal, children's vests in our offices. Ask for them before embarking by boat.

Wear non-slip sole footwear to move around the boat and avoid bathing on the high seas with the boat on the move.

Attention to the weather forecasts

It is your responsibility to be attentive to the evolution of time when you are in charge of the boat. In case of worsening, do not take unnecessary risks and seek refuge as soon as possible; Have your crew wear safety harnesses and life jackets on, and keep children from being on the deck of the boat in bad weather.

Before going to sea, it is of vital importance to be informed of the weather forecast for the area where it is intended to sail. You can ask the Nautic Menorca team how to make your best forecast, you can consult our website or use any application for this use. You can also find out in:

807 -170 370: Coastal information about the Balearic Islands and the high seas for the Mediterranean.

807 -170 371: Coastal information from the provinces of the Mediterranean coast and the high seas for the Mediterranean

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