Discover Menorca

Menorca, a natural paradise of the Biosphere.

In Menorca Nautic we are not an agency, we are a company with a large team of professionals dedicated to the maintenance and rental of a fleet of sailboats, Menorcan and motorboats, quality and always up to date, committed to offer the best service and personalized attention to our customers.

Menorca, a natural paradise of the Biosphere.

The island of Menorca treasures an ancient and ancient history that goes back to the neolithic, with its spectacular and mysterious "Talayotic" culture that has left a mark on its landscape and megalithic architecture. But also, because of its privileged location in the Mediterranean, the island of Menorca has been a place of passage for countless civilizations. Phoenicians, Greeks, Jews, Romans, Egyptians, Arabs, French and English are just one example of the plurality of cultures that have made their contribution to the cultural heritage of the island, being reflected in its architecture, gastronomy, ... and other aspects of the life and landscape of Menorca. Menorca offers a wide variety of cultural proposals to discover in the form of routes, visits to interpretation centers, museums or excursions. In Menorca you can enjoy countless archaeological routes to visit "Talayots", megalithic villages, "Taulas", Nevetas, Cuevas ... or to traverse the footprint of British culture on the island; Or to taste its renowned gastronomy; Or to experience the local fiestas, such as Sant Joan or other celebrations, full of charm and popular authenticity. In Menorca Nautic we can advise you or help you to plan nautical activities combined with visits, excursions or routes to discover the fascinating and millenarian culture of the island of Menorca.

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