About reservations

Can you rent the boat only from Saturday to Saturday?

No. In Menorca Nautic, our policy is to adjust to the maximum needs of the client, so you can rent the boat for one day, several consecutive days, alternate days or for weeks. The best price you will find always starting on Saturday if you hire for weeks or renting the boat on days within a week (understanding that the charter week starts on Saturday). Reservations of consecutive days are also cheaper than those of alternates.

Why deposit on a charter boat?

The insurance has a franchise equivalent to the deposit. The bail of the rental boat is to cover damages like a burn of the upholstery, to lose the anchor, to break a sail, to lose the auxiliary boat, to spoil the outboard motor, to lose the mattresses, to not refuel ...

Max seats authorized on a rental boat.

The maximum places authorized on a rental boat always include the skipper and each person on board, whether a baby or an adult.

What to bring on a rental boat?

We advise soft travel bags, easy to stow. Wear a sweater or windbreaker jacket for the evenings, bathing suits, beach towels, sunscreen, if you get dizzy with biodramine or similar, sunglasses.

Do you need experience to rent a skipper?

No. Our skippers have great experience and are qualified to take the boat on their own. Even so we recommend for your greater enjoyment to read something about the basic navigation before sailing, and thus to practice, if you wish, with supervision of the skipper.

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